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So I went on a tumblr reblogging spree while waiting for my uncle, sorry everyone. 

But I can say, that what I’ve seen on tumblr is a lot more good people than bad today and it makes me happy.


Anonymous asked:

You reblogged that post about womyn wanting to end Father's Day and called them stupid. So your saying its ok for womyn to be abused by their dads and to promote patriarchy? Father's Day promotes masculinity and rape culture but your too blind to see it because your being oppressed by your husband.


I literally had to lean back from my computer and stare at this message for a full five minutes before I could comprehend the level of stupidity it contains.

I have absolutely no idea how you could have possibly managed to get any of the above information from my posts.

Celebrating Father’s Day is about appreciating your dad for his part in your creation, raising you and giving up such a big part of his life to be there for you.  Dad’s not around, or he’s a sack of shit?  Celebrate your grandfather, a close uncle or some other father figure, or just plain don’t celebrate it.  It’s the same concept as Mother’s Day.  No one is forcing you to celebrate it, so just don’t, if you don’t feel it’s appropriate.

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Finally it’s finished. A really quick informational comic about women in games for my Sociology final. So yeah there’s a lotta stuff here. UuU

Special thanks to those who gave their stories for me to use: clouddesu /starryeyed-freak / and the anon

I’ve SEEN that guy she’s described and he always does it, no matter what game he makes a comment.

This comic is so god damn true, you go Aimee. This is fantastic.

Very good comic. I don’t normally reblog any opinion things here, but I’ve experienced this before. The most recent was during mass effect multiplayer, of all things. I was playing an adept female. I made my armor obnoxious pink to be funny. I got the kitchen jokes, the I should be booted statements, so forth. Mostly from one guy. And when that guy died, none of my team mates revived him and he eventually left the game. It was quite lovely.

I’ve been gaming since I left the womb and come from a line of strong woman gamers. My mom is a way bigger gamer than my dad and my gran has been casual herself for as long as I can remember. I remember going to Walmart as a young kid and all of us ladies bought a gameboy (original) together to share. Waking up early after Christmas and having to fight my mom and gran for the new N64’s controller for my turn at Mario. Or as a very young child, sitting down with my mom and dad, drawing out maps to the first Zelda, getting so stumped and trying to find all the secrets before the Internet was a household thing.

I never experienced this discrimination growing up, being encouraged by my parents in this department, and the fact that girls and women (and myself) are now is horrible. I’m secure because of my upbringing and Ive learned to see through the comments to the maker’s own insecurities and pride stroking. I let my skills speak for themselves. Then I think of my seven year old little sister and how she loves angry birds, candy crush, just dance, robot unicorn attack, and watching me play Pokemon. How one day a guy might call her fake because she enjoys casual time wasters. And if I ever hear them, they will have to answer to her big sister and I don’t back down.

I also wonder that if these gamer guys have children and their daughter wants to play games, will he tell her she’s being fake? To get in the kitchen? If not, then why do that to someone else’s daughter?

I haven’t had to deal with this personally, at least not to the point where I can distinctly remember it at any point and time, but I know others who have. 

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