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Anonymous asked:

I downloaded the Prism Art Studio, but when I went into game to use it the "glass blower" was not working properly. When you use it your Sim is surrounded by a big white box! Can you fix it please? Thank you!


Check the FAQ

I actually have this issue as well, and I’ve gone back and forth over the FAQ. I have all the kt store fixes and decrap fixes. I have it installed correctly, the art studio is in the library etc. As far as I can tell, its something wrong with the download itself. :/

So found this tumblr today…



A little update on Jake. He is doing OK apparently!

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i hope he rots in prison

Is this seriously a tumblr devoted to supporting a fucking psycho who woke up one day and went huh, I feel like shooting my sister and mother over and over and over again. Yeah, yeah that sounds fun. Let’s do it.


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Too many people are judgmental and closed minded. They call me a freak. They say I’m too old for toys. Too old to dress the way I dress. They say I’m creepy. And all I’m doing is dressing cute, collecting cute things, and trying to be happy. They don’t know my age. At what age do we magically grow up and drop everything and turn into boring, plain people? The answer is you never do. And I feel so sad and sorry for the people who believe there is a certain age and day and time in which you must become a “grown up” and like and do “grown up things” and you can’t like or do childish things ever. News fucking flash, you can be quite the adult and be into childish things all you want and it doesn’t make you immature or a freak or creepy (as long as it isn’t harmful to others). So I say to the people who say I’m a freak, stop being so boring.

I find it so unfathomably bizarre when people think that being a mature and responsible adult has anything to do with their personal tastes or pastimes.

Omg, a forever reblog.

Why do people care so much about how others chose to spend their lives? If I want to play with toys at my age I will and its no one buisness

It’s absurd the stuff people will judge other people for.

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I think I might be in love with this post.



(EDIT: Hey! Just wanted to give a massive fucking shout out to all the fucking excellent motherfuckers who have wrote in saying they are now working on dealing with their fears of spiders. I fucking salute you! Conquering your fears are fucking amazing, and you are…

Creation of my dolls

When I first got my doll Zel I wanted him to be Zelgadis from Slayers. I imagined buying him a little companion and turning her into his beloved Amelia and just being head over heels with my dolls as their characters.


Zelgadis, you are still my first love don’t worry.

Well, I got him, and I made a meager attempt to make Zelgadis’s costume, but I was hesitant about dying him and modding him so it was pretty half baked. 



Zelgadis with Zita, my roommate’s doll in some of their older incarnations.

Eventually I abandoned that plan and decided to make Zel his own character, He became a fabulous Garden Themed Demon with his own back story that tied in with Zita’s. He had found her (IE kidnapped) and raised her as his own. He got a new fur wig courtesy of Mary and I made him a much more punk outfit with some help. Also his personalty became much more divalicious. 


Zel with a later faceup, outfit and wig with another Zita incarnation.

Then there was the day we put his head on Zita’s body as a laugh. Well, He looked amazing. I loved it and it felt right finally. So I made a decision to turn him into a girl. Mary got his body and tattooed and modded it to prepare it to be Zita’s boyfriend’s body.



Zel on Zita’s body, the day we realized that he was unfortunately, a girl doll with the wrong body. 

We made a group order for two dolls, with the condition id get the girl body from one and trade it with her for my boy body for her’s. So she’d get a boy and i’d get a girl in the end.


Zita and Addy, her adorable boyfriend. His body used to be Zel’s. Mary made it awesome. Zita is a modded Berry at this point and cuter than ever. Addy is a Yomi.

Zel was immediately cute after tattoos and new wig and clothes and her new smexy body. 


Not the best picture of her

Unfortunately, at first Camille was not how I imagined at all and I was soooo sad and disappointed in her. I didn’t really play with her at all and didn’t consider her Zel’s girlfriend at all. So as a result, I have Zero pictures of her in this stage. About thirty hours of work put into her by my friend later, she was much cuter. She made her lips more full, opened her eyes A LOT, gave her a cute little faceup and gave her a tomboyish outfit. 



Introducing Camille

I like her better in the long wig. I don’t know her personality yet but I do love her finally now. And her and Zel are finally a cute little interesting couple. 


Camille seems more shy about this picture than Zel.

I’m looking forward to seeing who they both become in the future. 

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